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I just moved in and I couldn’t be more impressed with the staff at the Helena manor. They made it such a smooth process moving in. Their plans for the development of this property exceeds my expectations. They are completely awesome!


The overall experience was pleasant. Nothing the managers could have done to make it any better.


Courtney was fantastic!


The property manager has been really easily to work with and is quick to resolve any issues we may have. Maintenance orders are taken seriously and promptly addressed. The only complaint I have is that snow removal isn't always done in a timely manner and patches of ice get left on the walkways.


The Helena Manor Team was very helpful and accommodating when I first moved in. They worked hard to finish renovations on the apartment so we could get in as soon as possible. During our stay the staff has been kind and had worked to get what we need. The property manager Ryan is especially good at understanding when circumstances arise and works with us to make our stay at Helena Manor well worth it. Thank you guys for all yo ur work! :)


When we first moved in we had a few simple maintenance issues that took a few months to resolve. Since then, maintenance has been better about getting back to you in a timely manner. Snow is cleared from sidewalk after a bigger snowfall. Apartment is clean, I don't often use common areas but in the summer tenants fail to pick up after their dogs. Pet friendly, and haven't had any issues with management other than random deposit dates for rent (sometimes even 2 weeks after rent is due). I do like the new mailboxes that are centrally located.

Lived here for 1 year. The people are nice but some amenities are lacking. But overall it is a nice built and happy community.


Helena Manor is a very nice place to rent from Ryan is Amazing very quick response if I need something done or fixed They are very very good a bout getting back to you and taking care of my issue the make sure. They take care of you Iv lived there almost 3 years and iv not had any problems Thank you Helena Manor staff you get 5* from me


Been living here for 5 years now, have no problems with the maintenance staff they have been doing good, they come when I write up a work order. . Just need to please clear off our walk ways a bit better, so no one slips and falls! We are just around the corner from the grocery stores if we need anything.


Good management service.